Service & Rates

サービス内容/Our Service


・Erotic and Fantastic Service

ご利用料金 / Service Rates

【店内サービス料金 / Service Rates】

60min : 2,200B
90min : 2,300B
120min : 2,400B

【お部屋代 / Room Charge】

Standard Room (Shower) : No Charge
VIP Room (Bathtub) : 300B


【出張サービス料金 / Outcall Service Rates】

120min : 2,900B




Payment is only cash (Thai currency (Baht))

出張サービス地域/Outcall Area


Sukhumvit Area

注意及び禁止事項/Notes and Prohibitions

• サービスに支障をきたすほど泥酔している方
• ドラッグ又はそれに順ずる薬物の持ち込み、もしくは服用、利用している方
• 性病、皮膚病、伝染病に感染、もしくはその疑いのある方
• 女性に対する暴力行為、もしくはそれに等しい行為
• 女性の嫌がる事を強要する行為
• 常識を逸脱する過剰サービスの要求
• 当店を仲介せず、女性への業務時間外等のプライベートな交渉・勧誘行為

• Heavily drunken person which poses a problem for services.
• The person who has, take or use drugs or similar.
• The person who is infected the sexual disease, skin disease or infectious diseases, or suspected to have these.
• Any violence to the lady, or the equivalent actions.
• Enforcement of the acts the lady does not willing.
• Demands of services exceeding the common sense.
• Any direct negotiation or solicit to the companion during out of service hours without going through us.
If any of the above is caused, the services will be cancelled. Please remind in advance that in such case,
the fee is not refunded.
We are not responsible for any rapid bad health conditions during the services after eating ED medication.